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Colorful Classic Toothbrushes, Kids’ Toothbrushes, Mint Floss and Mint Toothpaste.

GoodMouth Is Now Boka!

GoodMouth is now part of Boka and we have an all new product line! Like GoodMouth, Boka carries an amazing line of high quality oral care products that are conveniently delivered to your home. You can purchase items as you need them or sign-up for a subscription so you never run out again.

If you're an existing GoodMouth customer you can continue to sign in to manage your account. If you've already paid for your GoodMouth shipment, you will still receive it. You'll be receiving more information from us by email in the next week (before March 18th, 2016). If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

About Boka

  • Naturally good-for-you products, delivered to your door every three months.
  • Simple, beautiful oral care, including toothbrushes with extra-soft Binchotan charcoal bristles, mint floss made with natural beeswax, and toothpaste free from foaming agents and other unneeded chemicals.
  • A new way for you to love your smile with Cocorinse, Boka’s naturally freshening and whitening mouth rinse, perfectly portioned in single-use packets.
  • A commitment to good citizenship through an ongoing partnership with Surge, a nonprofit organization bringing clean water to those in need.

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